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I have always been passionate about hair and skin care from a very early age. As a child I would take different hair products and study them to see why and how to get out of them the best results. I was always my first guinea pig to test my concoctions, I felt if it was good enough for me then I knew it would work for others.   Family and friends have encouraged me for years to follow my passion. They would always ask for my advise because of seeing my personal results from the ingredients I created for myself. I decided to pursue my passion.  So Naturals by NYNE was born!  To me a healthy head of hair starts with a healthy scalp and it can be achieved for ALL hair types, lengths, and textures.

I'm confident that Naturals by NYNE products will become a staple part of your scalp and hair routine.

You'll love the results!

Nina Dillard



 healthy hair 


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